News of Azeroth – Issue #2

Hi there, guys and girls! Let’s find out what new Azeroth this time (there are some epic and spooky events out there)!

Queen Azshara has been finally defeated by Method

The Eternal Palace has fallen!

Queen Azshara has been finally defeated! The EU Guild “Method” has killed the Mythic Queen Azshara and finished the Eternal Palace completely.

The fight for the main place in the race for progress on this raid lasted for 12 days and was quite tense – the reins of leadership on the bosses shifted from one guild to another and back. But now we have our 1st and 2nd places – “Method” and “Limit” Guilds respectively. Just imagine – it took these guys 359 attempts before this success…

Don’t try Azshara 359 times alone – get your Azshara kill with us today!

Classic World of Warcraft will be live soon

A Classic Adventure you will never forget

Classic World of Warcraft will be live soon!

Prepare in advance, hero! As for all grizzled veterans and for the fresh blood out there, we want to remind you about some things that have been common in World of Warcraft Classic many years ago.

Nowadays you may find it disturbing and even shocking that some things that you are accustomed to will be lost in World of Warcraft Classic. Check out our “How-it-Was” guide and refresh your knowledge (or get a new one) about some in-game aspects of World of Warcraft Classic!

World of Warcraft – Shadowlands

World of Warcraft – Shadowlands? Wait, what?

There is a possible leak about the next expansion… Or maybe it’s not a leak. Maybe is just someone’s fantasy.

Either way, we find this theory (we still argue if this is a true leak from a Blizzard employee) quite interesting and fascinating. If this is going to be true one day… well, you’ll say in that distant future “Man, I read about that in that news messages I get from”. Or maybe you won’t. 🙂

In any case, we think that you should watch Asmongolds reaction to this new leak. Find it here.

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