Champion Mastery

LOL champion mastery boost

  You will get:

  • Your Desired Mastery Level
  • A cool emote that you can use in-game

Estimated delivery time:

  • Mastery level 1 > 5 : 2 days
  • Mastery level 5 > 6/7 : 12 hours

  Requirements for Champion Mastery:

  • The Specific champion that you want Mastery level boost on
  • Not In Low Priority Queue
  • Enough BE
    – For level 6 it requires 3250 BE / the specific champion shard
    – For level 7 it requires 3900 BE / the specific champion shard

Take your Champion Mastery to the next level! All you have to do: inform us of your choice of the champion and wait. Time would depend on the original Level. Buy Lol Champion Mastery Boost and get a springboard to upgrade your rank. This service is available for accounts which aren’t in Low Priority Queue + have enough BE (only for 6 and 7 levels).

starts from: $4
Current Mastery Level
Desired Mastery Level