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One of World of Warcraft’s biggest and most powerful and radical expansions, The Burning Crusade Classic, was a real gift to Blizzard’s old-school fans who wanted to explore the new Shard Horizon and revamped game features. Released in 2007, it was a classic expansion that introduced playable races such as the Alliance, Draenei, Horde, and Blood Elves.

When Burning Crusade Classic is released in 2021, it will bring one of the best expansions in World of Warcraft history. We can expect a revamped version of playable races such as Alliances, Draenei, Horde, and Blood Elves, as well as… One of the most powerful and radical WoW expansions of all time, Burning Crusades Classic, will feature a series of minor and major class changes, updates, and other new tweaks. With this expansion, players have access to all the new features added in the 2007 Burning Crusade expansion.

Two new races have been added (Draenei and Alliance), and the Blood Elves and Horde classes have been changed (more on that later).

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