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If you’ve been discovering Wraeclast mysteries for some time, you may be powerful enough now to seek a real challenge. Killing the familiar ordinary bosses is fun, but after a period of time, it won’t satisfy your bloodthirst and desire to conquest. Where can you go to test your gathered Power? There are six extremely tough bosses in Wraeclast realm who will take your pride (also your face and your life) and break it into pieces: The Shaper, The Elder, The Hydra, The Phoenix, The Minotaur, and The Chimera. Are you ready to stomp on the hardest battles your Path has to offer? If so, you can begin working your way to the pinnacle of power today.

Here you can buy PoE Boss Farm – we will kill the boss you need ten times in a row. Let’s crush them!

Product contains:

  • Boss Farm – we will kill the boss you want ten times.

You can choose the following bosses:

Additional Options:

  • Self Play (you play on your account)
  • Account Sharing (we play on your account – you share your account with us for the boost time)


  • Your character must have an adequate level to get to these bosses

Additional Details:

In most zones, there is a big and scary boss. Defeating such enemy is not obligatory, but boss contains lots of fresh loot and grants more experience than standard zone creatures and monsters. Defeating these bosses is often a bonus objective for the Atlas of Worlds completion, and higher tiers often require your map to be crafted in a certain way. 

Zone bosses are usually based on unique monsters from the Wraeclast storyline. Their skills and battle patterns can be connected to the story you are currently doing too, and, of course, the zone boss always has a unique and memorable name. It’s usually quite intimidating and represents the origin or the background of your powerful enemy.

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You receive 5% cash-back of the amount spent on each purchase back to your account.
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