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Buying Placement Matches Boost you will get chosen quantity of placement matches exactly on time played by our professional boosters!

NOTE! We guarantee minimum 70% wins providing you High Starting Rank!

By default you will share your account with our player untill the end of the boost (play time will be agreed individually – your account WON’T BE BUSY full time) – if you want to play on your account during boost by yourself you should choose “Play with the booster” option.

Product contains

During boost you will possibly get Key or Crate drop.

Available Options
  1. Play specific champions

    Сhoosing this option you are allowed to choose preffered champions that our booster will play for (+10% to final price).

  2. Provide personal stream

    +25% to final price

  3. Duo (Play with the booster)

    Сhoosing this option you will play with our booster in group on your account by yourself (+35% to final price)

  • Summoner Level 30
  • Not In Low Priority Queue
Additional Details

Estimated delivery time: We can do all 10 games in 1 day. Although we are also human and in some rare occasions it might take a little bit longer.

A placement game is one of the most important things to gaining in the ranking. The player might get into a low-ranked when he has little experience. Nobody wants to lose the progress. Experienced team is ready to help you to climb in the ranking.

How does it work? We’ll pass matches with 70% or higher win rate. Lol placement boost hasn’t any limits, our team can do all 10 games in 1 day (there are situations when it takes a little bit longer). If we won’t meet the conditions and the requirement won’t be received you’re well compensated. League of Legends placement boost have convenient extra options: choice a specific champion (+10%), provide personal stream (+25%), to have a match with a booster (+50%). This service is available for players whose level 30 and isn’t in Low Priority Queue.

You will get
You receive 5% cash-back of the amount spent on each purchase back to your account.
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