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The Great Labyrinth was created and built by Emperor Izaro many hundred years ago as a trial for those, who would like to become a successor to his throne. Simply to be worthy to enter the Emperor’s challenge, one must first pass through a series of trials all around the Wraeclast. Completing each of these six grand trials successfully will grant access to the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is a randomly generated dungeon, that is filled with traps, puzzles, monsters, and other interesting stuff. If you complete the Labyrinth for the first time, it will unlock an Ascendancy class and epic Ascendancy talent tree for your character.

Here you can buy your Labyrinth Farm – we’ll complete your desired type of Labyrinth as fast as possible!

Product contains:

  • Labyrinth Farm – choose your type of Labyrinth and we’re good to go!

Additional Options:

  • Type of Labyrinth – you can choose among Uber / Normal / Cruel / Merciless modes
  • Self Play (you play on your account)
  • Account Sharing (we play on your account – you share your account with us for the boost time)


  • Your character must have an adequate level to enter the Labyrinths

Additional Details:

Initial Trials include the following:

  • Run through zones and find the trials – they usually spawn absolutely randomly
  • Complete these trials and get an offering to the Goddess
  • When all 6 different trials are done, you can use the offerings to open the Labyrinth
  • The offering pieces are opened in the map device

After finishing the first six Trials of Ascendancy, you can enter the Aspirant’s Plaza through the Statue of the Goddess (it’s in the Sarn Encampment). The waypoint in the plaza can be accessed from any act (you will find it next to the hideout icon). The Plaza is where you choose which labyrinth you want to go to.


  • The Labyrinth must be completed in ONE RUN WITHOUT DYING.
  • There are NO waypoints.
  • Upon death, you must resurrect in town – so your current Labyrinth ends. Disconnects, logging out or exiting the game also ruins your Labyrinth. You will resurrect in the town of the act you came from.
  • You are not allowed to use town portals. If you use a portal, you’ll see a warning message that will ask you to confirm your choice to abandon your current Labyrinth. Such a portal will take you to the Act 3 town, regardless of where you have entered it.
  • Any keys, that you may find must be used in your current Labyrinth. Such keys cannot be traded or moved to your stash. All unused keys will be destroyed when leaving the Labyrinth.
  • Your stash is accessible before each encounter with Emperor and in the Ascendancy Chamber.
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You receive 5% cash-back of the amount spent on each purchase back to your account.
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