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With each new season Path of Exile introduces new challenges and cosmetics. They include various in-game items – pets, gear attachments, player wings, auras, different trophies and more. Players are struggling to complete all the challenges to get their epic reward. Challenges usually include such tasks as completing an area, killing a boss, gathering some items, capturing certain beasts, reaching required depth levels, opening chests, achieving a specific level, completing different objectives and much more.

Challenges are side-objectives available in certain leagues. Unlike your achievements, challenges are bound to a specific league and cannot progress further when that league ends. Those who finish such challenges receive a symbol – an emblem near their name, indicating the number of challenges one have completed. In addition to its visibility in the game, this symbol is also visible on the Official Path of Exile website – thus allowing you to show your heroic deeds. Current league symbol will disappear when the next league starts.

You can buy your Challenge Completion here – our team will do all the requirements for the current League!

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Challenge Completion – choose the number of challenges you want to be done


  • Your character must have an adequate level to fulfill the Challenge requirements
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You receive 5% cash-back of the amount spent on each purchase back to your account.
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