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In the update Patch 10.0 brings some thrilling additions to World of Warcraft including the awaited Vault of the Incarnates raid. This challenging raid features 8 bosses with the final boss being Raszageth the Storm Eater, set in Thaldraszus. To dive into this content further Boostcarry offers a Vault of the Incarnates boost service worth exploring!

Awakening the Dragonflight Raids
Awakening the Dragonflight Raids
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Vault of the Incarnates Carry

The first raid, in the Dragonflight expansion, known as the Vault of the Incarnates was launched on December 12 2022. This challenging raid consists of facing 8 bosses leading up to a showdown with Raszageth the Storm Eater. Getting your character ready for such an endeavor requires dedication. Having a competent team is crucial for success. If you’re finding it tough to tackle challenges with groups (PUGs) you might want to consider reaching out to Boostcarry for assistance with a VotI boost.

Skilled boosters from guilds are at your service to help you acquire armor, trinkets, titles, transmogs, mounts or achievements that you may be looking for. There are benefits to investing in affordable WoW Vault of the Incarnates carry services; however it all starts with identifying your needs.

You can choose the service that best suits your preferences on their website. Whether you’re aiming to defeat bosses or need assistance in areas our boosters – who are part of PvE guilds – are here to assist! Think about whether you require runs or normal carries and decide if you want individual boss boosts or prefer a Vault of the Incarnates loot run.

Once you’ve chosen our service our experienced boosters are here to assist you with efficient loot collection and defeating all the bosses you’ve selected to buy from the store as part of our carry services.

You have the option to have the booster play on your behalf or guide you through playing yourself. In one scenario one of our team members will log into your account. Conquer each boss at any difficulty level according to your order. The process of Azure Span raid carries is simple.


In the Vault of the Incarnates there are eight bosses, many of which in this 10.0 raid delve into a side of WoW lore linked to proto drakes. Here’s a list of bosses that await you in the VotI raid:

  •  Eranog
  •  Sennarth, the Cold Breath
  •  Terros
  •  Dathea, Ascended
  •  Kurog Grimtotem
  •  The Primal Council
  •  Broodkeeper Diurna
  •  Raszageth, the Storm Eater

At Boostcarry we provide an 8/8 run in Vault of the Incarnates to ensure that you don’t miss out on any boss when purchasing a Vault of Incarnates raid boost, from us. However it’s important to note that achievements are not rewarded for this raid.

You may also come across some equipment, ancient weapons, tokens or other impressive rewards. Check out the item levels of the loot and the tier sets, in VotI!

  • LFR Vault of the Incarnates – 385 392 item level;
  • Normal Vault of the Incarnates – 398 405 item level;
  • Heroic Vault of the Incarnates – 411 418 item level;
  • Mythic Vault of the Incarnates – 424 437 item level;


Many players choose to participate in paid VotI raid runs to obtain loot. At Boostcarry we offer efficient VotI raid runs that result in items. Alternatively you can also acquire items, through traders using the funnel feature. This option becomes available after our booster completes raid carries for weeks post launch of the raid. Depending on your preferences you can receive an item from each selected trader when purchasing a Vault of the Incarnates boost run.