Terms of Service


(here in after referred to as the “Site”)

The text of this agreement is a public offer of services. By ordering, buying or using in any way any services provided by the Site, by performing any actions aimed at participating in the Site or fulfilling its conditions, you unconditionally and irrevocably agree to the terms of the public offer described below.

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Regardless of the actual reading of the text, if you:

All risks and responsibility for not reading this offer are solely yours. The Site Owners do not bear any responsibility for not familiarizing you with the text of this offer, which is freely available on the Website on the Internet at: https://www.boostcarry.com/terms-of-service/


Basic Provisions

Significant rules and procedures for obtaining the Services

Confidentiality. Processing of personal data

Circumstances of force majeure

Liability, dispute resolution

The condition on the place of hearing of cases is an independent agreement and retains its validity regardless of the validity and operation of the contract and is the basis for the application of procedural legislation on contractual jurisdiction.

Change of contractual jurisdiction is possible only if it is expressly stipulated by a separate agreement between the client and the Site Owners.

The requirement to change or terminate this public offer can be claimed by the client only in the event that the client receive no answer form the site owners for a relevant offer within the time limits specified in clause 7.4. of this offer.

Term of the offer

Other conditions