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Cutting through your own Path, full of obstacles and hard situations – that’s what distinguishes a true conqueror and hero from a random mercenary and a supernumerary. Only a true traveler knows, that sometimes there is a stalemate situation and he or she needs to retreat. Or even run away like hell. Or that sometimes you can help a stranger – even if this is your opposite faction – to cope with some severe foe. Or that it is just good to be good towards other people – and some of them will repay you thousand times more.

Distant lands, various enemies, powerful weapons, goblets, trinkets, armor from the legends and fame… and of course, friends by your side. Your adventure comprises it all. For some of you – may be, even more? Prepare yourself. Prepare your gear, skills, and reflexes. You are beginning a long, long way to wealth and glory. Prepare in advance, because the World is ready. Especially, when it is the World of Warcraft.

Sometimes it’s hard to grow up. Sometimes it’s painful and scary. But inside of your heart, you know it – that it is important. You must become stronger, wiser and, for some of us, wealthier. You will visit different places, you will meet different creatures and people – and you don’t know, how it will end up for you. Of course, you don’t. But you will continue your trial no matter how hard it could be at some moments. We know you will. Why? Because you’re already a Hero. It’s time to become a Legend.

You can buy custom leveling here – we can get your desired level for your character. You can also choose the type of leveling you want.

Product contains:

  • Custom level – just choose the desired level and it’ll be yours.
  • New Content Unlock –  access to new locations, events, gear, stories and dungeons, and much more!
  • Useful Resources – some things that you can get during leveling (gold, craft materials, BoE items, random gear and so on).

Options available:

  • Custom leveling – choose the exact amount of levels that you want
  • Dungeon-only / Quest-only / Mixed leveling – choose how we should level your character up