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We will boost your character to the level 60 in the fastest time possible right from the start of World of Warcraft: ClassicLeveling in WoW: Classic is a tough challenge and we are here to help you. A full and complete pack of services in one place with a good price and customizable options – choose your desired ones!

Get your best World of Warcraft Classic level boost here. And don’t forget, that you have a variety of additional options as well! As a bonus thing, you can choose your professions. attunements, gear, weapon skills, and even an epic mount!

TAKE NOTICE: Order execution will begin within 6 hours after your payment. Currently, we have a VERY serious Leveling Orders load, and it’s REALLY hard to begin immediately. This situation will be solved in the nearest future, we’re working on it at the moment.

Product contains:

  • Level 60 for your character in the fastest time possible
  • Unlocking new activities like new dungeons (Zul’farrak, Sunken Temple, Blackrock Mountain)
  • Some resources like gold, craft materials, weapons, and armor along the way
  • Lots of quests completed

Options available:

  • Account Sharing option ONLY!
  • Order Delivery Time – adjust your leveling time personally. There are four leveling durations: one, two, three and four-week-long periods. Choose any you like!
  • Your Class – choose the class you want to be. Make it personal!
  • Weapons Skills – if you need some additional weapon mastery, just choose the necessary number of skills here and tell us which ones you would like to have first. 
  • Professions – in case you need main or secondary professions, you can choose them HERE.
  • First Aid – if you want a leveled First Aid on your character.
  • Full Dungeon Gear – we’ll farm a blue high-level dungeon item in your every slot.
  • Full BRD Clear – we will make a run through Black Rock Depths and kill everyone out there.
  • Molten Core / Onyxia Attunements – in case you need a certain (or both) attunements, choose ’em.
  • Mount (100%) – your fresh EPIC mount in World of Warcraft Classic. An excellent option to travel MUCH faster!