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Apart from that, with classic WOW gold, you can improve your status within the game. How? Very easily! You can buy potions, consumables, and even learn skills and level up a profession. This will make your character more competitive in the arena, and increase your chances of entering a higher-level guild. 

What Is Our WOW Classic Gold Offer?

Accumulating gold in the game in the traditional way takes time and effort. You will need to play a lot to receive the rewards. While this isn’t that much of a big deal, any really precious items available for sale are costly. 

Thus, you will need to spend a lot of time playing to accumulate the required amount. With the help of our services, you can buy WOW gold, and have the extra gold you need in your account within hours.

Our WOW classic Gold for sale includes these packages:

  • 300 gold pack
  • 500 gold pack
  • 1000 gold pack
  • 2000 gold pack

You need to select your faction and server, fill in an armory link or a character name, and choose a delivery option. As for the delivery, there are three ways it can be carried out:

  1. Auction House – you need to make an auction lot for an item above Green Quality, set the cost that equals the price of the amount of gold you want, and add a 5% surcharge. Don’t worry, when you buy WOW classic gold from us, we cover the Auction House Trading Fee.
  2. Personal Trade – We will agree on a time and location in the arena to meet and carry out the transaction, and then we will meet there to seal the deal. 
  3. Cash on Delivery – Although it’s the least secure option and we don’t recommend that you use it, it’s still available. You have to send an email with an item above Green Quality with a C.O.D. option, set the cost equal to the desired amount of gold, and we will buy it. 

Are There Other Services in the Category? 

Apart from a lucrative gold offer, you can purchase another product in this category. It contains the riding skill and a level 60 mount for your race. There are no specific requirements you must meet. This will allow you to use your mount to travel around the world. Depending on the skill you receive, you will either be able to practice flying or ground mount riding. 

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By dealing with us, you can easily acquire enough gold to buy whatever you want in the game. We provide a reliable service and deliver the order quickly. Once you’ve sent us a request, we will contact you within a couple of minutes. If you buy gold wow classic service from us, you will find appealing prices that become even more lucrative for bigger orders!