BFA Power-Leveling 110-120

Delivery time
6-48 hours
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Important: if your level is higher than 110, check our Custom powerleveling product.


  • character boosted to level 120
  • all loot obtained during leveling will be yours
  • we will level up your Heart of Azeroth a little during leveling

Options available:

  • you can choose order delivery time: 10-12h/14h /24h/48h
  • you can add gearing to your order: in this case you will get average 370/380/390/400/410 ilvl gear!

Important: ilvl 370-410 gearing estimated delivery time is 1-5 days.

Bonus Options:

  • Unlock World Quests (it may require additional 1-2 hours to order time you’ve chosen)
  • 3 storyline locations completion (it may require additional 1-3 hours to order time you’ve chosen)
  • 8/10 Mythic +0 dungeons: you will get 14 items guaranteed (it may require additional 2-3 hours to order time you’ve chosen)
  • Mythic +10 Weekly Run
  • Crucible of Storms Heroic