Infernal Summon Warlock Class Quest

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Here you can buy an Infernal Summon Warlock Class Quest. Upon turning in this quest you will get the ability to summon your personal Infernal – your ultimate weapon of mass destruction!

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  1. Maximum level

    We can level you up if you need it

  2. Access to additional demons

    Doomguard, Succubus or Dreadseeker

  • Level 50 Character
  • Molten Core Raid Access
Additional Details

Hi there, sinister Masters of the Void! You do want to extend your malefic influence even more? You want more magical power, that will induce pure fear in your foe’s hearts? Then you have just found a wonderful opportunity for that…

You should travel to Niby the Almighty – a gnome-warlock outcast, that can be found in Felwood. He holds a vendetta against the Stormwind City folk for driving him out. As a revenge plan, he seeks an opportunity to summon an especially destructive demonic being to wreak chaos upon his enemies. Niby tried summoning such a demon unaided… and merely survived the magical explosion.

You will find him, warlock, and aid him in his insidious plans. Together you may even face an Infernal… But you should know: the master of every Infernal worries not about its death, but that it might survive too long!

You will learn an Inferno spell. This is a powerful warlock AoE spell, that summons a living infernal. It requires an Infernal Stone for summoning. Once your Infernal is summoned, it will automatically be under the effects of Enslave Demon for some time. An Infernal has a permanent Immolation Aura around it that breaks any CC. You can use your Infernal to cause severe damage by summoning it into large groups of enemies – for example, in Alterac Valley or any other PvP areas (and, of course, World PvP). Infernal not only stuns your targets but also distracts them because of its size and dreadfulness.

Niby whispers: Even a summoned chicken can go on a rampage and cause serious problems. But you won’t live that long to tell the tale…

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You receive 5% cash-back of the amount spent on each purchase back to your account.
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