Mythic +10 Weekly Run

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One of the most important parts of the weekly farm, during which you have a chance to get the item from the chest at the end of the dungeon, the experience of passing through the dungeon with one of the best groups in your region, as well as a weekly chest in which you can get an Azeroth armor or 430+ lvl item from weekly chest.

Take notice: after finishing Mythic Dungeons, you get some amount of Titan Residuum – a new currency that allows you to buy the most powerful items in the game. The higher Mythic + Dungeons you close, the higher amount of Titan Residuum you get. In case you want the best loot possible, order higher Mythic + Dungeons (key +10 and higher). After acquiring some real amount visit the Thaumaturge Vashreen – and choose your desired item!

Product contains:

  • from 0 to 3 items 430+ ilvl (from the chest directly after the end of the dungeon run)
  • one 440+ ilvl item guaranteed from Weekly Chest

Options available:

  • selfplay (you will play by yourself) or account sharing (you will share your account to us)
  • vip group: we will add 2 additional people to the group with your type of armor to highly increase your chance to loot additional 415+ ilvl item
  • NOTE! VIP group doesn’t mean you get additional traders with class as yours – it means you get traders with your type of armor (e.g. if your character is rogue you may get druid/demon hunter/another rogue/monk).
  • special dungeon: you can choose any dungeon where you want to complete your weekly chest run


  • 120 lvl character