WoW: Tips for maximizing your character’s movement speed in old content and Dragonflight

Since the beginning of World of Warcraft many years ago, running and flying have taken up quite a huge chunk of time while leveling your character and playing on high end content.

Here are some examples of how you can improve your character’s leveling speed in Mythic keys/ Raids/ Outdoors in the old content, as well as in Dragonflight.

Initial speed of your character is equal to 100%
– Night Elves have 102% because of
– Zandalars have 105% due to

Next we will divide the abilities and skills into categories for convenience. All of this information will also help your characters during leveling, which will be a tangible boost if you want to fuss over it.

Amplifications that increase movement speed in any WoW content:
– An item/enhancement/enchantment/self-color that gives a bonus to movement speed and has a level or location restriction written on it;
+% movement speed from an additional characteristic on the item when leveling or simply dropped anywhere in the Legion expansion and above (including Dragonflight). The value of this characteristic depends on the item level;
+% movement speed” with jewels from Legion, Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands supplements: – +3% – +5% – gives +13 movement speed for each SL gem maximum of 78 at the expense of 6 gems.

Charms for cloak and feet: Don’t look at what it says on it “only works at item level 50 and below”, tests have shown that contrary to the description they add up perfectly and work at any level. This enchantment for the cape will give you about 1.2%.

Food bonuses with the Nourishment effect:
– This is the best food buff in the game right now, so there’s no point in listing the others.

Active abilities that you can use with engineering gadgets.

Active and passive class abilities actual in Dragonflight. Maybe because of changes or innovations list will be incomplete or not quite correct, also pvp talents are not considered:
Death Knight: //
Demon Hunter:
Druid: // //
Hunter: // // //
Monk: // //
Paladin: //
Priest: //
Bandit: // // //
Shaman: // //

Now let’s take a look at the Dragonflight movement speed enhancements.

This is what is currently relevant during the beta testing of the new addon. It is also worth noting that there is no release yet and a lot can change – during the leveling of your character it is worth to review this list again. There may be changes or additions.

Also % speed at the moment depends on your profession leveling.

From all of this I can say from my experience, if you want to get stuck on some kits that will increase the speed of advancement of your character. During the pumping or completing any achieves you will win about 2-3 times more time that will be quite a significant value. This applies to casual players and those who give VOV a very large amount of time. When farming old dungeons or raids, if you suddenly farm some things or kits – it will all be quite noticeable.

In any case, it is not mandatory, we just gave a list of things that may be useful for you, if you are interested in this topic. We are also happy to help you with pumping your character or achieving any achieves if you need our help.