WoW Dragonflight: Mythic+ dungeons and Raids – item levels of the 1st Season

Below you will see a table in which you need to take into account several points. The raid bosses of the Vault of the Incarnates raid can drop unique items higher than the main loot by 6-7, they are not counted in the table. Secondly, the initial raid bosses are the first 1-4 enemies, the middle bosses are 5-6, and the last bosses are 7-8.

Item levelEnd of dungeon key levelGreat Vault key levelHonor Rank (required rating)Raid mode (bosses)
3762-31 (0)LFR (initial)
3794-52 (0)
382623 (0)LFR (middle)
3857-83-44 (0)LFR (last)
38995-65 (0)Normal (initial)
39210-1376 (0)
395148-97 (600)Normal (middle)
39815-16108 (1000)Normal (last)
40217-18119 (1000)Heroic (initial)
40519-201210 (1400)
40813-1411 (1700)Heroci (middle)
4111512 (2000)Heroic (last)
41516-1713 (2400)Mythic (initial)
42120Mythic (middle)
424Mythic (last)

There are important details to take out.
Visiting Mythic+ level 15+ dungeons now rewards:

  • – Great Vault – level loot for the last bosses of heroic raid mode (in Shadowlands it was mythic raid loot);
    – Great Vault – level loot from the last bosses of normal raid mode (in Shadowlands it was just below heroic raid loot).

Since the ilvl of Mythic+ dungeons’ loot now increases to level 20, visiting such dungeons will reward:

– In the Great Vault, a level loot of middle bosses of Mythic raid mode;
– In the chest at the end of a run – item level just below the middle bosses of heroic raid mode.

Upgrade items with Valor points gained an additional 13 ranks, which is at the level of the initial bosses of Mythic raid mode (in Shadowlands, the maximum rank was 12, which was at the level of heroic raid mode bosses).

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