Dragonflight: leveling mini-guide

In order to get the quest for the Dragonflight starter chain your character must be level 58. You can take it in the capitals of Stromgarde and Orgrimmar. It’s a quest in which you have to assemble small squads, after which you can go to the Waking Shores.

Leveling your character will take a linear path of development, zones are broken down as follows:
– Forbidden Reach (Dracthyr Evokers only) – Level 58-60;
– Awakening Shores – level 58-64;
– Ohn’ahran Plains – levels 62-66;
– Azure Span – levels 64-68;
– Thaldraszus – level 66-70.

To your attention: the character will not reach level 70 just passing through the campaign, you will not have enough experience. As a result, you also need to do all the side quests that are highlighted on the map. We also recommend adding 2-3 dungeon walkthroughs per level during leveling. If you have difficulty recruiting a group see our products and services.

It’s also worth noting that the campaign is limited to levels just like it was in Shadowlands, in Azure Span you will need a level 68 character and level 70 in Thaldraszus. this will help you close the last chapters of the campaign.

Dragon Riding.
In the new addon, the blizards have diversified the character’s pumping quite a bit, allowing you to partially fly at the start of Dragonflight. For a faster and more comfortable game you will need to complete the quests in The Waking Shores, which in turn will open you Dragonriding.

At level 61 you will need to focus on unlocking all the dragonriding glyphs to gain access to all the dragonriding perks.

The riding talents apply to your entire blizzard account, so you don’t have to perform them again on each subsequent character, which will make levelling alternate characters easier and faster.