WoW Dragonflight: Overview of interface changes

In the upcoming Dragonflight addon, the developers once again want to introduce many new options for interface settings and reduce the overload of addons. Almost all of the innovations are ready and I think we can give a brief description of them, as the release of the World of Warcraft addon Dragonflight is very soon.

– Character and target panels, as well as abilities, group and raid, mini-map, micro-menu, mining window, the scale of application, textures – got a modern look, textures of improved quality and new design. Elements have become more streamlined without unnecessary details.

-Character panels have changed the look and shape, above the portrait of the character now displays animation while resting (“ZZZ”).

-Blizzard changed(redrawn) the micromenu buttons. The LFG icon is now displayed at the micromenu when searching for a group.

-A lot of work was done on the mini-map, which has changed its appearance, as well as redesigned the display of ore and grass, rare creatures. Unfortunately, change the size of the mini-map in the default settings still unavailable. However, you can minimize the display of icons for effects, if they cause you inconvenience.

– In Edit Panels mode, there is now the setting of additional moments that are unique to each object, as well as a grid with which you can adjust the size. There is a function of sticking panels to the grid or to each other.

– In edit mode, the player can customize and change the location of the following panels: ability panel; chat; target and target goal; group, raid, and arena interface; stall indicator; pet panel; positive and negative effect frames; boss frames; tooltip; application indicators; talking head; and transport panel. The bag panel and micro-menu, as well as the experience and reputation panels, cannot be moved or customized at this time.

-Also appeared the ability to customize the location of chat, rack indicators, buffs and debuffs frames, and tooltip pop-ups. cast bar.

If you want to read a more detailed description of all interface changes in Dragoflight – visit this web-site: