WoW Dragonflight: The Great Vault rewards conditions

In the testing phase at the moment, the awards are as follows. It has not changed much more than that overall.

-1 reward for 2 bosses killed in the Incarnation Vault
-2 Award for 4 bosses killed in the Crypt Vault
-3 Awards for 6 bosses you killed in the Vault of Incarnations

Mythic+ Dungeons:
Complete 1 Mythic+ dungeon
Complete 4 Mythic+ dungeons
Complete 8 Mythic+ dungeons

Gain 1,250 Honor points in ranked PvP
Gain 2500 Honor points in Ranked PvP
Gain 5000 Honor points in Ranked PvP

Regardless of the difficulty, we can boost any of the conditions you need to get the maximum reward from The Great Vault.