RBG Boost in World of Warcraft

Rating Battleground in WoW RBG boost is a team battle on a specific battlefield for which you get Rating points (like on the Arena) and Honor points. The goal of RBG is to defeat your opponent with clever and thoughtful tactics. RBGs are only played in a raid of ten people. 

They also have an opponent matching system that finds players with an average rating equal to yours. This equalizes the chances of both teams to win; winning depends only on the tactics and coherence of the players in the team.

Random RBG Wins
Starting at 7.00 $
Epic RBG Wins
Starting at 10.00 $
Rated Battlegrounds (RBG Rating)
Starting at 119.00 $

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RBG Rating

After getting a high rating from a RBG rating boost, WoW players can easily find the best partners to play and win with. Strong players are focused on winning, try not to quarrel, play as a team, can concede for the overall benefit, are aware of all sorts of tricks, and learn from their mistakes and others’ successes constantly.

By ordering WoW RBG boost for gold, you get the exact number of personal rating points in RBG, a lot of Artifact Force and Honour points, random items of equipment, progress in RBG achievements (Marshal, General, Grand Marshal, or High Warlord) and much more. Boostcarry specialists, multiple Gladiators of the past seasons, offer RBG carry WoW to help you to gain any number of rating points – up to 2400!

RBG Wins

The map of each RBG is unique; there are structures and obstacles on the maps – rivers, fences, cliffs and walls, bridges, trees, and many other things that can be used during the battle. The variety of maps allows you to come up with a large number of different tactics. After all, tactics are a large deciding factor of victory.

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