Choose your Destiny

We’re glad to announce that we now have Destiny 2 among our games. This is an epic story about treachery and heroism, about distant worlds and… wait, you’re asking what’s Destiny 2?

Sit down, champion, and let me tell you what you’ve missed (or at least trying to)!

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Being at the junction of different genres, Destiny 2 embodied the best. Shooter and an RPG combined together in deep space. Well, how about that, eh?

There is an active (and polished) gunplay, but at the same time, it’s not boring: there are myriads of enemies, weapons, modifiers, armor, and other factors affecting the course of the battle. And all this is sprinkled with a solid campaign, strikes, raids, weekly challenges, different types of leveling, a huge number of quests, hidden mechanics and secrets.

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After destroying several evil gods and preventing the end of the world, the Guardians didn’t get a well-deserved rest. A new Tyrant -Dominus Ghaul – and his “Red Legion” attacked the Tower and succeeded. The massacre and the destruction of the last stronghold of humanity is only the cherry on the cake… In fact, “Legion” came for the Wanderer. Or, to be precise, for its Light. Dominus Ghaul took the energy of the Wanderer and all the forces of the Guardians that could stop him. So, you will have to find a way to return the Light, get rid of the “Red Legion” and save the City from this new menace.

It sounds Epic. Looks same. Each story mission is an excerpt of your adventures, where there are chases, strikes on enemy territory, desperate assaults, and incredible views of distant planets.

In Destiny 2, everything happens to you and to the characters that you’ll love. The storyline doesn’t lead from one exchange of fire to another, but to different situations – they are set so that what is happening to you is as memorable as possible. Believe us, you’ll like it.

Destiny 2 story has a clear line, almost every task will show an interesting cutscene and tell you something new.

Our vanguards have their own stories. For example, Commander Zavala struggles with self-doubt – he thinks that he is powerless. Ikora Rey is in depression and is looking for spiritual balance. Cayde-6 suddenly realizes that his carelessness has real consequences. Each of the old acquaintances, from Cryptarch Rahool to the gunsmith Banshee 44, has something to say. They can think out loud, give advice, share a story or joke. And believe us – you’ll like that joke for sure.

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Deep Space

Different worlds in Destiny 2 – the E.D.Z, Io, Nessus, Titan, and many others – finally allow your inner traveler to roam. Now we are landing not on a specific task, but on the planet itself. You can even choose several landing places on your map now. Decide what you want to do, check the way, follow the quest marker.

All these worlds are incredibly rich in details, sceneries, and landscapes. Each zone has its own unique charm. Within one location there are always several “biomes” with their own mood, sights, and hostile fauna.

The world in Destiny 2 feels vivid. It’s alive. It is full of various secrets that beg to be found by you. There are plenty of things to do and explore. You can take one quest and then gently switch to the next one, just walking around the zone. Sometimes quests are that good that you don’t follow the passage of time. 

Research initiatives are always rewarded. There is always a chance to get new items, or even an “Exotic” or “Legendary” loot, regardless of the task you are doing right now. And that means only one wonderful thing – you can do whatever your heart desires. There are no “profitable” or “actual” tasks – each activity is “current”. Just go there and have fun.

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New Horizons

However, there is another innovation. Now you can put different modifications into your weapons and armor. Guns can have elemental damage or different damage type, armor can be tailored to fit your needs as well. Since the set of perks in equipment is now always fixed (and you don’t need to level up anything), searching for certain bonuses you will have to rely on mods.

The system of challenges (known as Bounty) has become much more convenient. You don’t need to take “Bounty” only in the Tower now. Instead, you will always have a set of three challenges, that will give different rewards after completion. There are challenges for each of the planets, common challenges for strikes and for the Forges, and you can now simply see their location in your “Ghost Menu”.

If you played (or are a fan of) the first Destiny, you can’t skip this one. It’s bigger, better, it’s beautiful and comfortable. Destiny 2 awakens that old, forgotten feeling – the joy of discovery and adventure. New journey, new features, new friends and enemies… Welcome to the magnificent action with an Epic Story. Now it’s your Destiny, Guardian! - Destiny 2 boosting is ready to help you with your space struggle with all our might and expertise. If you need something, if your enemies are way too strong, if want to be the best – jump in, and we’ll fight ‘em together!

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