It’s Halloween Time!

Hi everyone! Halloween is in the air, and you can feel that something ominous is going to happen. Or, maybe, it’s happening at the moment? Ghosts, zombies, vampires, werewolves, demons, curses and bloodcurdling things – that’s what we all love!

Today I’m going to tell you about really creepy (or even terrifying) things or living beings in World of Warcraft. This time I’m going to tell you about one creepy thing from each World of Warcraft Expansion. So, let’s get started!

WoW Classic Halloween guide

World of Warcraft Classic

The classic World of Warcraft has so many terrible things in it that everything just can’t be listed. Hanged bodies, severed heads, undead, blood, spikes, cursed things … and much, much more.

In the Classic version, I want to tell you about the “sudden death” – the horror that will tear your flesh so that you won’t even see it. In the Duskwood, there is a former estate “Raven Hill” – this place just blows with desolation and despair. Inside, everything had long been withered and worn out. Mortal silence forever covered everything that was near and in the estate. Now there’s nothing and nobody … Certainly not.

If you accidentally use an AOE ability in this place or any other ability, that “touches” ordinary hostile NPCs, an invisible force will immediately tear you apart. Oomph – and you are already a corpse! What, how, where?

Everything is simple – the Unseen killed you. These are the damned souls of those who suffered terribly before their death at the hands of the Scourge during the invasions of the dead. They didn’t find peace even after death, and continue their permanent shift forever … until something bothers them! In this case, they unleash their undead rage on any fool who decided to disturb their peace. Blink of an eye – and your guts lie on the floor!

It is also noteworthy that these ghosts are level 50! Players who level up in this location simply don’t have chances to survive such a meeting. Watch out for the dead!


Burning Crusade

Among the dull and terribly dangerous crossings of the Deadwind Pass, you can find a stunted path leading to Karazhan – the abandoned and once-majestic fortress of the Guardian. That is Medivh, the teacher of Khadgar. The Great Mage was consumed by the Fel and the spirit of Sargeras, which ultimately led to terrible consequences for the whole of Azeroth. Countless deaths…

Medivh had a butler – Moroes. The butler faithfully served Medivh and carefully carried out his every assignment. The owner should not have needed anything, and if he needed something, Moroes personally was responsible for organizing this. Everything should always have been verified to the last stroke, to the last detail…

When Medivh died, the remnants of his power distorted the space and time inside the Tower. The souls of all the servants, guests, merchants and friends of Medivh were forever stuck in a damned place. Moroes did not receive rest even after his own death! Now in the form of the undead, in this withered, twisted body, with the smile of a dead man, Moroes is forced to continue his service. Just imagine – to serve ghosts for eternity, being locked in a dead body…

Moroes is always happy to meet uninvited guests in Karazhan. There will always be fresh graves for them, and the ghostly guests will be happy to dance the waltz of death with you!


Wrath of the Lich King

On Dragonblight, next to the Wintergarde Keep, there is a monstrous creation of the Scourge – the flying fortress of the Necromancers called Naxxramas. Inside, the servants of the Lich King performed their inhumane experiments to create new weapons and fighters for the immortal army of the dead. The severed parts of the bodies, mountains of entrails, the heart-rending cries of the dying, echoing in the cursed halls – these are all the laboratories of Naxxramas.

One of these creations was simply unimaginably vile, and his name is Thaddius. This is a huge golem from the flesh of women and children, who, with the help of dark magic, was cut into pieces… Then magic “fused” their flesh into a new, terrible body. All the souls of children and women are enclosed in this creation, now they are merged into one mind, which serves the Lich King.

A monstrous creature, upon meeting you, will show a desire to kill you in order to devour your flesh, as it was done with… it. Do you want to be one with thousands of women and children? Feel new sensations with your undead body, which lives against your will? What an abomination…

When you destroy Thaddius, listen to his (its?) dying rales. Among them, if you strain your hearing, you can hear the polyphonic “Thank you …”

Corla, Herald of Twilight


In the Blackrock Caverns, that was occupied by the Twilight’s Hammer, all the necessary preparations are made for the last days of the world – for the “Hour of Twilight”. Impenetrable mercury armor is forged there, the vitality of thousands of slaves for dark rituals is gathered, and endless troops are being prepared for the last, terrible attack on our cities.

Among the crazy cultists who crave Power, you can find the Corla, Herald of Twilight – the once talented mage of the Kirin Tor, now she has completely surrendered to the Twilight’s Hammer ideas. The worshipers of the Cult who serve her expect the greatest honor from her – changes in their flesh.

The Void Evolution Ray, which contains the essence of Void Dragons, in contact with living flesh begins to exert the effect of forced dragon evolution. The bones are displaced, the flesh tears, bursts, and melts flowing from one form to another, the soft skin turns into scales and layers of armor-like purple skin, while the mind undergoes its irreversible change.

The desire to dominate, multiply, devour the weak and carry the Twilight Evolution further – that’s all that drives the converted Twilight Zealots. Join the pack… Evolve, servants of the Twilight!

immortal evil - Sha

Mists of Pandaria

In the beautiful blooming Pandaria lives an ancient and immortal evil – Sha. Sha is a demonic manifestation of emotions and inner evil that exists in each of us. Having released Sha from their prisons, the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde brought terrible misfortunes to Pandaria. Sha-afflicted creatures also mutate, turning into something unimaginable. Unimaginable, strong, hungry and evil.

Sticky black haze, with shades of green, violet, red and blue, which is thinned by snow-white stripes – this is what Sha and their essence. The white stripes in each Sha are white-hot anger towards everyone who has not yet been affected by Sha’s essence, or, even worse, is trying to resist infection.

Sha are as diverse as our negative emotions – some of them are hidden, some are visible to the whole world right away … But one thing we must never forget – if Darkness settles in our souls, it will be practically impossible for us to go back to the Light. Watch your emotions. Watch out for the Darkness inside!

Botani, a race of plant-like creatures


The Everbloom… Who can be scared of flower beds and bushes? No one, you might think. And here you are severely mistaken!

Botani, a race of plant-like creatures living in Draenor, sees their life’s purpose in spreading the “will of Nature” wherever they are. They grow magnificent plants, trees, and fruits. But they only grow them directly from the flesh of living beings.

Have you ever thought what a banana tastes like? What? You do know how it tastes? But a banana would not mind trying you as well. Although … a good banana will come out of you too. Or oak. Or just a tree that will carry juicy, fatty spores in its body that will explode the next time you move and carry the green plague further.

Becoming a plant is what threatens everyone who gets into the thickets of the Everbloom. Watch out for flowers, travelers. If you lose the battle with Botani, you will soon be green and covered with flowers yourself! Watch out for infected spores!

the Maw of Souls


On the Broken Isles, there is such a wonderful place like Stormheim. And there you can find the abandoned Tideskorn Harbor, among the mists and fatal swamps of which you can find the entrance to the kingdom of the dead – the Maw of Souls.

The worthy souls of great warriors find salvation and eternal shelter in the Halls of Valor. Those who fell victim to cowardice, betrayed or were simply weak in spirit, go to the Maw of Souls, where a crew of the dead awaits them on the Naglfar assembled from the bones, veins, and vertebrae of cowards and traitors.

You can pay the ferryman only with a currency understood by the dead – blood and souls. The miserable and weak will moan while the icy waves of the sea of ​​the dead seep through the holes in the eerie hull of Naglfar.

At the end of the journey, every miserable soul receives a gift from Helya, the ruler of Helheim, the world of the dead. In the fresh physical body that the damned soul will receive, algae will begin to grow, corals will begin to break out of the bones, and eyes will always ooze out of salt musty waters. You will never wish anyone such an insignificant and monstrous fate!

mysterious Mother of the Coven

Battle for Azeroth

There is one gorgeous place among the beautiful views of Kul Tiras – Drustvar, the estate of the Waycrest family. Among the quiet groves and vast forests witches roam – they serve the mysterious Mother of the Coven, who is responsible for all the troubles and horrors of this land.

Monstrous creations made from once-living people and twigs called the Wicker Constructs, roam the dark forests in search of victims. They tear out the heart of the victims, which is then sewn into the chest of a golem freshly made of twigs and stones and is later connected by dark magic to the physical shell, chaining the soul forever to this monstrous construction.

And if you don’t want to become a wicker toy in the hands of witches, you can just try to avoid the forests… Only if the witches don’t get into your city and don’t cast their curses on you! They are different – some will make you rot alive, the second will begin your transformation into a huge fat rotten pig, the third can reduce you to the size of a baby, the fourth will grow horns and hooves for you … Dark magic is various and terrible, and woe to those fools who won’t beware dark forces!

Always find the power inside you to fight various horrors and nightmares. Stay prepared with us!

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