WoW Classic Leveling Guide

World of Warcraft Classic is not only a legendary game but also a point for nostalgia. Both Azeroth veterans and beginners have already rushed to conquer this so familiar world again. Familiar to many – but not everyone!

If you are used to the fact that you can increase your character straight to level 110 right away in the Blizzard store, and leveling itself can take some normal time (1-3 days), then you should understand that in World of Warcraft Classic everything works differently.

WoW Classic Leveling guide

1. World of Warcraft Classic? I want the maximum level now!

On average, leveling a character of any class up to level 60 takes about 14 days of rampant play (well, you still have to be a professional, moreover). If you want to jump in the high-level content as soon as possible, it’s easier for you to buy leveling from us …

Many people think that there is no point in “fast” leveling since it kills the essence and spirit of “that” very Azeroth. However, if the spirit of Azeroth is alive within you, and the 60th level is needed as quickly as possible, there are a couple of things that can help you do everything faster.

For the average player, “fast” leveling is extremely difficult. To understand that better, you must know that 14 days of headlong play means about 200 hours without sleep, food or any other things (in “net values”, of course).

In any case, don’t try to squeeze yourself out of the norm if you understand that you are already exhausted. World of Warcraft Classic is an exemplary, “old-school grind” RPG. Most likely, you will not take 60 even in a couple of months if you are an ordinary player. Nothing wrong. Just play as it goes.

WoW Classic Leveling guide

2. Do your quests efficiently

Quests in WoW Classic are non-linear – they cannot be planned in advance, unlike the Battle of Azeroth ones. Planning the leveling route will have to be done separately, as if “by location”. Very often you will receive quests with a very vague description – yes, again, this is the spirit of the WoW Classic. You need to UNDERSTAND where to go and what to do. For many, it will be terribly inconvenient, especially for those who are used to a quick game in the Battle of Azeroth. If you have such a quest, ask your friends about it or go straight to Wowhead Classic. Well, the classic (pun intended) advice – if you have taken several quests from one point (the so-called “quest hubs”), then do them all and turn in at once. It will also save you time running back and forth.

In World of Warcraft Classic, you have neutral zones that both factions can use, and faction-specific zones. Try to use only your faction’s zones – it’s much better in terms of quests. You’ll spend less time waiting for monsters to spawn, so you will complete quests faster.

If you’re on a PvP server, try to avoid run-ins with the enemy faction. The less time you spend dead (yes, it will happen from time to time) from the WPvP lovers, the more time you will spend doing quests. And yes, consider playing on a PvE server – that works just fine.

WoW Classic Leveling guide

3. Travel efficiently

You won’t believe how much of your leveling time it usually takes to move from point A to point B. Especially in the Classic version of the game. Spend the minimum amount of time on moving and make each of your “trip” or “flight” calculated and logical. Proper replenishment and control of your health, mana, rage, and energy will help you incredibly speed up the leveling – you will simply have less downtime.

Some may say that it’s not a Classic way to use mods, but you can disagree with that… Classic doesn’t tell you where to pick up items for your quests and other things of that sort. If you’re not a fan of spending a few hours on a single quest, then use some mods for leveling. You probably want to know where you should go and what should be done there, right?

My favorite thing comes here again – Azeroth Auto Pilot – Classic. It tells you exactly the thing you need to do and the place you need to go. +100% time efficiency guaranteed!

The installation of mods nowadays is quite simple. Download the Twitch app, go to Mods, and click on World of Warcraft. Change your game version (upper-right corner) to World of Warcraft Classic, and find there some mods you need. Looking through the “Popular” mods section is also a great choice!

WoW Classic Leveling guide

4. The Hearthstone. Really!

When you get to a new location, find the nearest tavern and tie your Hearthstone there. The Hearthstone can be used once an hour, but even so, this is a very useful thing – you will remember my words more than once. The Hearthstone is a very important thing in optimizing your leveling, however many players simply forget about its rational use. Watch your Hearthstone and use it wisely!

WoW Classic Leveling guide

5. Gold. We need more gold!

With active leveling, you will run out of space in the inventory and the bank. Get an individual character purely for the bank – you may be surprised at how convenient it is. Send him by mail all items and resources that you may need in the future (or which can be sold profitably).

The “banking” character can also store BoE-things, which sometimes (sometimes!) can be sold very profitably. Items that are useless for your Main can be sold at the auction house (using the same banking character). Do not sell to vendors items that other players might need and therefore bring you extra money.

WoW Classic Leveling guide

6. No professions (at least before the last level)

Leveling up professions during your main leveling is a lot of fun and can be lore-friendly, but it is incredibly expensive in terms of your time! An exception to this unspoken rule is skinning, mining, and herbalism. All “manufacturing” professions require serious financial investments and an auction house alongside a trainer. First aid is useful for all your characters, regardless of class, while cooking and fishing will slow you down – level them at level 60, you won’t lose anything.

WoW Classic Leveling guide

7. Mount – your key to fast leveling

At level 40, you can buy your first mount with a 60% speed bonus. Save the required amount for this level – 100 gold (before reputation discounts). During leveling, do not waste gold or don’t buy all skills just for “beauty” (I did this once) – do not learn abilities from the trainer that you do not use!

Also, don’t buy items at the auction house – they are only for those who either gear a second or even a third character or buy gold on an industrial scale. After level 30, remember about your future purchase and save gold. Save it, fools! (it’s a joke, no offense) 🙂 The locations in classic Azeroth are huge, so without transport, you can forget about normal leveling or some kind of pleasure from the game.

WoW Classic Leveling guide

8. Dungeon Quests – your Precious Chunks of Experience

When leveling, pay special attention to quests that send you to the dungeons. Before you search for a group, be sure to collect all the available quests so that you don’t have to go into the dungeon again. By the way, the fact that many Classic dungeons should be visited once will also be interesting – you will not need anything else there.

From the point of view of the ratio of time/experience, leveling in dungeons is quite pointless, but there is a lot of experience in dungeon quests (in some cases, several quests will give you a whole level at once!). Some quests in the dungeons are part of long storylines and require a long journey through locations and continents.

If your goal is a quick leveling, do not focus on such quest chains. The juiciest quests in terms of experience are in the following dungeons: Uldaman, Zul’Farrak, Maraudon, Blackrock Depths (but this is generally a legendary dungeon, you will definitely come here more than once).

WoW Classic Leveling guide

9. Proper equipment

Proper equipment will increase the speed of leveling, but it is not as important as many people think. For example, it makes no sense to get stuck on one “good” item from the dungeon that won’t fall for you — for the time you spend farming the dungeon, you can get to a level where you simply don’t need this item.

However, this rule works with a strong caveat for melee fighters – you MUST have a good melee weapon. Also, pay attention to items with a “spirit”. Spirit increases the speed of mana replenishing and health regeneration outside the battle, and you the faster you recover, the fewer breaks you have between battles.

WoW Classic Leveling guide

10. Appropriate talents

In Classic, the right talents are IMPORTANT. Choose your talents in advance – you will save an incredible amount of time! If your class is a hybrid (shaman, druid, paladin), play in the specialization of a damage dealer, even if at the maximum level you will be a healer or a tank. When choosing talents, give preference to options that give you: movement speed, resources regeneration speed, additional accuracy, and critical hit, additional class resources.

WoW Classic Leveling guide

11. Buying abilities

Every two levels you will receive new abilities. They are taught by class trainers who are located in large cities. The advice here is simple – do not run to the class trainer every two levels; this will take away a lot of your time. You don’t need some abilities at all while leveling – do not spend money on them! Find out the full list of your abilities at Wowhead Classic and decide in advance at what levels you will return to your class trainer.

But remember the main thing – WoW Classic does not require you to race! It is still a great game about the great and deep history of the world of Azeroth. Play as you like, but don’t forget to enjoy the process! Warcraft is primarily a magical world in which you write your own heroic story. See you in Azeroth, traveler!

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