A Classic adventure you’ll never forget

Hi there! As you all know, World of Warcraft Classic will be live soon. And when this wonderful game will be released, you may find it quite complicated to get into everything at once.

No matter if you are a completely new player, who has never played Blizzard’s games before, or a grizzled ultra-hardcore veteran, who is beyond any measure in all Blizzard’s games.

As for the first case, you don’t know “how it was” and probably have no idea how it will be compared to the current World of Warcraft expansion.

As for the second case, you may have forgotten some of your epic events and merits, as well as some “old-fashioned” aspects of the game. But don’t worry – we’ll be all-new somewhere in any case. Just let us remind you about some crucial peculiarities of the Classic World of Warcraft.

WoW Classic Leveling


As for the leveling, there is a HUGE difference between the current World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and our Classic version. Which? Speed and easiness.

Nowadays you can level up your character up to the last level in a matter of seven or ten days – even if playing casually. In modern (strange word for that) World of Warcraft, you have different XP potions, XP heirlooms, XP bonuses, XP Warmode effect and so on. Leveling is not a problem – it’s fast’n’easy. But that works only for Battle for Azeroth expansion.

In World of Warcraft Classic, you won’t have all that XP stuff to help you get your maximum level in a blink of an eye. You will grind through all the monsters, dungeons, obstacles and other things ONLY with your own expertise, hands, and knowledge. And you won’t be overpowered – you will always face foes with your actual or even higher level. Be ready for that, because they won’t die from your stroking.

And another important thing is that you won’t have all your quests in a small area for that “take-make-instant reward” type of questing that we have now. You will travel long and long hours for the most secluded and distant locations and areas in the world. And you can be easily killed during your journey, and after it, you will be running half of the location on foot. Oh, what did you think? It’s a World of Warcraft Classic. Leveling here is harsh like a breeze in Dun Morogh.

WoW Classic Gold


Gold. We all want it. But only a few of us will have a serious amount of it. Why? Because gold does not drop out of the blue. It simply doesn’t drop. Quest rewards are scarce, and monsters won’t drop millions either. You will get some copper. Someday – some silver, perhaps. And believe us, you will count every gold you have.

Your gear will cost gold if you prefer buying it from the Auction House. Your abilities, spells, and skills will cost gold either. For each of their level! And how about a mount? Oh, we bet you’re accustomed to the fact that you can fly or ride fast. You know what? Forget it. In World of Warcraft Classic, you will be jumping joyfully when you get your first (blue-quality) mount. We promise you that. And you will dream about an epic (purple-quality) mount for months… You must clearly understand that gold is valuable. No, you don’t get it. Let us emphasize – GOLD IS VALUABLE!

Yeap, now that’s more like it. So you should consider every possibility to get more gold in Classic when you can. Trust us. It’s worth it.

WoW Classic gear


Oh… Your gear is your friend for many days. Not at level 1, of course, but you get the point. Gear is crucial. As well as the gold, it won’t drop just because you want it. You will need to earn it.

Good Classic rewards are always (we mean it – always) hidden behind a tedious grind wall or a hard quest. Sometimes – behind a reputation gate. In World of Warcraft Classic, your gear will change with adequate speed, you won’t be frustrated with things like “slap a crab – get loot and nap”. Forget about it, simply forget about it. Gear means that you are skilled, that you did at least something to get it. And good gear means even more. And of course, epic gear means much more!

Oh, and by the way – gear from your professions is not dead, like in actual Battle for Azeroth. Crafted items are important, and sometimes, they are the best alternative or piece for your slot. Gearing process is quite slow and gradual – but it’s also rewarding. Just imagine – there are items and trinkets that can serve you for more than twenty levels! It’s insane! In the Battle of Azeroth, there is not a single item with such properties. Not a single one. So consider your methods of thoughtful gearing from the very beginning of your adventure.

WoW Classic races


You’re a Blood Elf fan? Or maybe you’re a Worgen? Pandaren? Meh, wait – you’re a Zandalari troll? Forget it. There is no such thing in World of Warcraft Classic as allied or any other “trendy” races. No fanservice this time, sorry for those female Blood Elf lovers.

You can choose only out of 4 Alliance races and 4 Horde races accordingly. That’s Classic! Simple choices allow you to make ’em fast and show your true allegiance to your faction. Fond of the Scourge and zombies in particular? The Forsaken are waiting for you. You are a tough Horde warrior? Pick an Orc Warrior. Prefer some con maneuver? Gnome Rogue is your choice. And so on. Choices are simpler and answers are faster. Of course, you can choose your race according to its racial traits. Each faction has its own set of racial traits that will help you in your journey. Humans have additional reputation gains, Orcs can get enraged, Trolls can go berserk… yu nou dat, ya mon?

In any case – try to choose your race with your heart. You will become your character and face everything he or she faces during dangerous adventures across the Azeroth. Choose wisely, hero. World of Warcraft Classic is a place, where your choice matters.

We’ll see you in Classic Azeroth soon!

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