WoW Complete Reputation Guide

There is a LOT of factions with whom you can earn a reputation in World of Warcraft.

Looking at my 100+ farmed reputations, I can’t even tell you, what amount of work (name it grind or farm, as you wish) stands behind it. There were always rewards, but honestly, I can’t remember some significant reward that made my day.

Some reputation-locked mounts are really wonderful, some rare toys or items for transmogrification also look good. But if you ask me, was there something that was REALLY worth farming, I will probably answer “No, it’s just a… just a matter of your inner completionist, I guess.” If you know what I’m talking about.

WoW BfA Reputations

Nowadays you don’t need all those existing reputations (except the newest ones, of course, they are obligatory). But as for me, I can tell you truly, I can’t change my Main just because I’ve been playing him since… since the very beginning. And having things like Shen’dralar or Zandalar Tribe and other farmed to the Exalted makes me… no, not proud. Involved, I may say. I feel something like an ancient connection with people I once knew, with places I once visited, with foes I once annihilated.

WoW BfA reputations

As for the number of reputations in Azeroth – it’s tremendous. Currently, there are ≈ 103 reputations out there. And of course, with modern achievement system, there are achievements for reputation. Reaching the Exalted reputation level with a serious faction usually gives you an appropriate achievement. There are several threshold achievements for reaching an exact number of Exalted reputations. They begin with an encouraging “Somebody Likes Me” achievement with your first farmed one and continues straight to the top with the monstrous “100 Exalted Reputations”. There are lots of achievements with increments of 5 or 10 reputations.

Reputation Paragon Mount Reward - WoW

The most noticeable of them are 40, 60, 80 and 100 Exalted reputations. They all award titles according to their importance. When you’ll get 100 Exalted reputations, you’ll get 2 rewards: a title and a mount (I was terribly upset when I realized, that this horse DOES NOT fly!!!). Other titles you’ll acquire while farming every single reputation in World of Warcraft are the following:

Reaching 40 Exalted reputations, you will be awarded with “the Exalted” title; with 60 Exalted reputations, you’ll get  “the Beloved” title; 80 Exalted reputations will bring you “the Admired” title, and finally, 100 Exalted reputations will give you the “Esteemed” title plus your new Pureheart Courser Mount.

And yes, it doesn’t fly. That almost gave me a heart attack when I found it out. But you can still use it on any Battleground to show that you’re actually THAT old. Or that good. Or that patient. You must always know, that some people, as it always happens, will try to kill you and only you for the whole Battleground time. Yeap, it’s sheer envy. But hey, if you were able to farm 100 reputations, you must also be skilled (or patient) enough to get an adequate gear. Always fight back!

WoW BfA Reputations Guide

Completing the 100 Exalted reputations achievement is a real feat, I should say. As I mentioned before, there are ≈ 103 Factions/Reputations in the entire game! Two of them were already deleted by Blizzard: Zandalar Tribe, Shen’dralar. If you managed to become Exalted with these old factions before the removal process, they will count towards your cumulative achievement progress. If not… well, then you have to farm two reputations less.

As an indulgence from Blizzard, you don’t need to get all 100 reputations on a SINGLE character. It means that now the achievement system counts reputations earned across all your characters.

But you should know that you can’t “cheat” it – you won’t get double-up on the Faction-specific reputations. If you have two characters with the Honorbound reputation on the first character and the 7th Legion on the second character, it will count as one reputation. Keep that in mind. The same rule works for faction-side reputations, like the Scryers and the Aldor and so on.

WoW BfA Reputations Guide

You’ll have to currently be Exalted with a faction to count towards the achievement. For example, if you’ve reached Exalted reputation level with some faction, then switched to the other side (or made them your enemies), you will still have only one (or none) reputation count towards your progress.

Useful tips for grinding all those Reputations

There are some buffs and items you can use to get additional reputation gains. Some of these items and buffs are for specific factions only, while others can be used for bonus reputation points with any faction. In addition to that, you can get one-time use items that will give reputation with a specific faction. These are known as tokens and they are usually awarded from mission table tasks.

You can and should use everything you can to ease that maddening amount of grind Azeroth has for you!

Inscription Contracts

Inscription contracts

Scribes (all those with the Inscription profession) can craft Contracts. You can use them to increase your reputation gains with a specific faction by 10 points for each World Quest completed in Kul’Tiras and Zandalar. 10 points sound ridiculous (and, partly, it is), but why not using them, if you want your Exalted with BfA Factions as fast as possible?

Such 10 extra reputation points will sum up over time and will bring some visible benefit at the end of your grind. These contracts can be found on the Auction House.

But you should know one interesting fact – the author of this guide didn’t use them. Why? Because of the prices during the BfA launch. It was about 25-30k gold per one contract that time. Even though the buff provided by contract lasts seven days, it was sheer madness in terms of savings to buy something that expensive and with disputable effectiveness.

Emissary Chests

Emissary’s chests

If you need to do Legion and Battle for Azeroth reputations, always keep track of the available emissary chests. Completing only four (4!) World Quests for a current emissary is an excellent way to get a serious number of reputation points for a few minutes expenditure. And when the Kirin Tor emissary is active, you’ll get a double bonus – the Kirin Tor reputation points, and any of the Broken Isles faction of your choice. It’s a very useful and convenient emissary by all means!

Island Expeditions WoW BfA

Island Expeditions rare quest items

This just should be mentioned here, because a lot of people likes Island Expeditions (and your esteemed servant as well). It is not a reliable method of earning reputation. But you will run Island Expeditions weekly to get that bonus Azerite and reputation reward anyway, so why not?

If you do a lot of Expeditions, or if you’re just lucky, you may find a rare-quality quest item in your bags after the run. There will be a task to return this item to a specific character out there in the world. Turn these items in, and it will give you a nice number of reputation points with some BfA faction.

World Quest Bonus Event

ALWAYS take part in the World Quest Bonus Event (I mean it. Always!)

When the World Quest Bonus Event is active, you should use it. Always. It’s a perfect opportunity to speed up your reputation grind. To know for sure, when the next event will appear, use the calendar in World of  Warcraft. If you want to open it with a chat command, type /calendar and it will appear. During the World Quest Bonus Event, there will be a world buff for everyone that grants +50% bonus reputation gains from any World Quests.

This buff is active ONLY for the duration of the event itself. The buff will automatically apply to any reputation you get after a World Quest completion. Obviously, this bonus reputation isn’t working for any Emissary rewards. Each World Quest Bonus Event is scheduled, and you can try to find it beforehand in your calendar. Be ready in advance.

Reputation Tokens from mission tables

Reputation tokens from mission tables

Check all your mission tables. You can find those inside your Garrison, in your Legion Class Hall, inside the Vindicaar over Argus, and in your faction’s BfA city hub. From time to time there will be missions that grant reputation tokens, and many of them will offer a bonus reputation if you have means to exceed the 100% success chance. From my personal experience, such missions are really helpful for Legion reputations. A successful mission will award both the standard reputation token and a bonus reputation token with a total number of reputation gained equal to one thousand. Mmm… juicy!

Darkmoon Faire WoW BfA

Darkmoon Faire (Darkmoon Carousel Buff)

If you need to grind up some reputations, that involve killing thousands of monsters, you should want to wait until the Darkmoon Faire is active. You can also check when it will happen by typing /calendar and opening your World of Warcraft calendar. When it’s on, just go to the Faire, get several Ride Tickets and take a spin on the Darkmoon carousel. Doing so will grant you a buff that lasts for one hour. It will give you an additional 10% reputation effect. Yes, I know that such buffs may seem hilarious, but you do want it faster, don’t you? So use then every option you can!

Farming Monsters in WoW BfA

Farming monsters in an area

Not many people nowadays know about or use Guild Vendor items. They can be bought at some reputation levels with your guild. The item you may be looking for while farming some monsters for reputation with a faction is the Battle Standard of Coordination. You can buy it after the Friendly reputation level with your guild, but before that, your guild must complete “A Daily Routine” achievement, that requires 15,000 completed World Quests.

After acquiring the Battle Standard of Coordination you can place it near your farming spot to get 15% more reputation from monsters killed within 100 yards of the banner. The Standard itself lasts for fifteen minutes. It has an internal ten-minute CD, so you can have it’s buff on you most of the time. Just move it to another spot when you’ve killed everyone on your current one. Repeat till victory (or total moral exhaustion).

Timewalking Event

Use every Timewalking Event you can

In this activity, you can earn some Timewarped Badges, one big chunk for doing the event quests and smaller ones for running dungeons during the Timewalking event itself. You can always exchange those badges for reputation with the appropriate faction from that expansion! During this event there is a special NPC out there, that sells a number of useful reputation items, some good gear, toys, and mounts. Sometimes, if you don’t want to grind monsters nonstop, it’s the best opportunity to get your reputation via these badges.

If I am not mistaken, the next Timewalking Event (begins this week) will be dedicated to the Mists of Pandaria expansion (one of my favorite). You will be able to meet Mistweaver Xia on the Timeless Isle, and get interesting things and reputation tokens there. Of course, all of these items will be related to the Mists of Pandaria expansion. As for me, I’m planning to get that epic Yu’lei, Daughter of Jade this time!

World Quest Bonus Event

Reputation tokens from World Quests

In Battle for Azeroth, there are no direct “reputation tokens”. Instead, there are just split-second reputation gains. Just do these World Quests and acquire your reputation.

As for the Legion reputations, Legion World Quests still offer item-like reputation tokens. Most of them BoB (Binds on, so you can mail them to your character or characters you want. But yes, they must be on your account, of course, and you can send them only if you’re Exalted with this Faction.

If you’re trying to get 100+ reputations on your Main, just do all token-related World Quests on your other characters and send these tokens to your main one. It’s a very useful method for fast reputation grind, especially if you have time and desire to do and collect everything and everywhere. And don’t forget about Class Hall missions! All Legion reputations can be farmed and/or accelerated with missions that award you with the Greater Tribute of the Broken Isles. It’s a very good source of your “almost free” reputation!

Trading post WoW BfA

Build a Trading Post in your WoD Garrison

It’s a VERY powerful thing for Warlords of Draenor reputations. You need to build your Trading Post and then upgrade it to Level 3. At this level, it will provide you with a +20% reputation buff when you’re in your Garrison. It was mostly designed for the factions of Draenor, but it may also help you with those reputations, that have the token system.

I mean, that every consumable reputation item, that you will use in your Garrison WILL (!) get the extra reputation buff. Yes, you need to play some of Draenor’s stories and content to build the Trading Post, but hey, it’s a wonderful time-saver! Use this technique on every reputation token you have and get maximum whenever it’s possible. The farm can (in my opinion – even must) be wise!

Side reputations WoW BfA

Side reputations that DO NOT count towards anything

I was surprised and a little bit frustrated when I realized, that not every reputation shown in my reputation panel really counts towards my cumulative reputation achievements. These usually include such a definition as “Friendship” levels. Here is the list of such reputations that DO NOT count towards anything (but some of them really TAKE your time and nerves to get them):

•    Garrison Bodyguards (It was a sheer boredom for me)

•    Conjurer Margoss (Fishing Drowned Mana is fun. Maybe. Nope, it’s not)

•    Nat Pagle (Classic grind. Not in terms of Vanilla, but in terms of Grind!)

•    Tillers Farmers (Long reputation, but extremely easy in terms of requirements)

•    Fisherfriend of the Isles (It’s tedious, especially if you’re not a true fisherman)

•    Brawler’s Guild (Quite easy, but not a 100% faceroll)

•    Chromie (You can get maximum reputation level with her without completing her scenario)

WoW BfA Complete Reputations Guide

I guess this is it. You now have all the knowledge required to farm everything in terms of reputation in World of Warcraft. Have a good day and remember: a reputation bar in need is a farm indeed!

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