Path of Exile!

We want to announce a new game on our list – the famous Path of Exile!

At the beginning of the story you – an Exile, as the title implies – is in the water off the coast of a large mainland called Wraeclast. Now Wraeclast is the land of monsters and the dead, who do not want to stay in this state, but this wasn’t always the same: once Wraeclast was the place where Great Empires ascended and fell.

You will have to face unimaginable monsters, undead constructs, unsuccessful experiments, beasts from legends and Gods know what else. Everyone is looking for something special in destroyed by the war and cataclysms Wraeclast: someone is looking for the meaning of life, someone is hunting for legendary artifacts of the past, someone wants to get rich and leave this cursed place, and someone is just looking for adventure. The last adventure in their lives!

Path of Exile art

Path of Exile has the best, deepest and most extensive ideas and features from other RPGs. The game will be a masterpiece for those who love dark and scary stories – for those who are tired of cliched stories and predictable plot twists. The game took all the best from such game franchises like Dark Souls, Diablo, Darkest Dungeon. If you like interesting and DEEP RPGs – pay your closest attention to Path of Exile.

Today we announce that we now have this dark RPG among our other games. You can become powerful and rich in Path of Exile with us today! We will aid you in multiple battles, we will go with you during your deepest dungeon dwellings… we will be there when you need us most. Stay with BoostCarry. Check our Path of Exile page now!

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