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Hi there, fellow Exile! Are you rich? Have you collected enough in your journey? What? Do you still travel across different worlds and times? Oh, that’s another thing, you name it. I think you have a lot to do. Especially in terms of… Wait! Don’t go away – I have something special just for you. You can be rich and powerful right now! Oh, I see – you’re interested… How about some Orbs, eh?

Path of Exile has a currency system that revolves around a variety of different orbs and scrolls. Each such item has a specific function in the crafting and enhancement systems, which allows you to upgrade your equipment or restructure one’s skill tree (for example, when using the Orb of Regret). These currency items are used to pay for items in player trading as well.

Currency items can be acquired as drops from monsters, chests, bought from different vendors, or received via vendor recipe system (trading specific configurations of items to a vendor). Currency plays a large role in the trading system. For instance, rare orbs can be traded for powerful equipment… or even other types of orbs that you might need in the future!

You can buy your PoE Orbs here – just choose the necessary type in the order menu!

Product contains:

  • Certain type of Orbs you want – just choose it in the order menu


  • Some items to trade

Additional Details:

  • To get your goods as fast as possible, give us the correct character name.
  • Stay online after payment.
  • We will send you a friend request and invite you to a party. You should accept this request in-game.
  • Give us some items when trading – we must pretend that it’s a real trade.

TAKE NOTICE – by following these simple steps you will AVOID any possible ban!

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You receive 5% cash-back of the amount spent on each purchase back to your account.
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