News of Azeroth – Issue #3

Good news everyone! Fresh portion of events in Azeroth is right here!

The World Quest Bonus Event is now live

The World Awaits!

The World Quest Bonus Event is now live! It’s the first time it is so since Patch 8.2 – Rise of Azshara! We know that this is a great time to work on your reputation!

As you know, there are three new factions Rise of Azshara: Rustbolt ResistanceWaveblade Ankoan, and The Unshackled. You will need Revered reputation level with these factions in order to get your flying in Battle for Azeroth. And as for Exalted reputation level with these factions, you will be eligible for purchasing some collectibles and powerful Essences for your Heart of Azeroth.

If you want to use this weekly bonus on its fullest, but don’t have time for that – we can help you with your reputations! Or, if you still walk on your foot, we can help you even with Flying in Battle for Azeroth!

Visit the Depths of the Devoted

Visit the Depths of the Devoted!

Champions! Time has come – the second LFR AEP Wing is open.

You are going to visit the Depths of the Devoted – a place in Queen Azshara’s Eternal Palace with her most loyal servants and allies. Are you ready to face impudent and audacious Lady Ashvane, who sold the technique of making Azerite weapons to Azshara? Or, maybe, you are brave enough to hunt down the Orgozoa – the nasty aberration that looks after the hatchery, waiting for the day when its different incubating horrors will be unleashed upon Azeroth?

But wait, don’t go away so soon – The Queen’s Court is ready to conduct a… hearing, and decide your fate.

The Heroic Warfront is now up on US servers

Stromgarde and Darkshore are waiting for you!

The Heroic Warfront is now up on US servers! During this week, it will award Horde players with cool 430 item level gear! Rush into renewed battle and get your achievement – Heroic Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde, alongside with your epic loot!

You will need to gather resources, search for some rare events or monsters, and, finally, defeat the enemy commander. But be careful – your enemies now deal serious damage and have more health – and it’s not a joke, believe us.

You may even face the raging commander of your enemies, who will occasionally join the fight! He can assault your base and crush your teammates in a matter of seconds. To prevent your silly and inglorious deaths, you will need most of your raid to repel the assault – and they better be geared well. Yes, you will see everything with your own eyes soon… if they wouldn’t be pulled out by an furious enemy commander!

Physical Authenticator is no longer supported by Blizzard

Physical Authenticator is no longer supported by Blizzard.

It’s quite sad, but hey, look at it from the bright side – Authenticator served you well these years and protected your heroic deeds from thieves and account stealers. Now it’s time to Press F let it go and meet a new, modern alternative – Mobile Authenticator.

You may find it very convenient and easy to use, especially if you have become accustomed to reliable account protection during the years. As for the Physical Authenticator itself, you can keep it as a Blizzard-related souvenir and a reminder of its past features.

You can download new Authenticator in your App Store or Play Market via your smartphone. Stay secure!

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