News of Azeroth – Issue #4

Fresh news everyone! A new portion of events in Azeroth is right here!

WoW BfA 8.2.5 ready

8.2.5 is now live!

The latest World of Warcraft Update is here. New items, new pets, and mounts, new RAF program, lots of fixes and WoW’s 15th Anniversary preparations – everything is included!

The next World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth content update brings revamped and enhanced models for the Worgen and Goblins, the introduction of Party Sync, the stunning culmination to the War Campaign, and more interesting things. Party Sync, for example, is a long-awaited feature that makes it easier for friends to group up and complete different quests together.

When Party Sync is activated, players in the party become aligned to the same quest stage and quest phase, which makes questing extremely convenient. New Timewalking Raid is also coming – the fiery Firelands (we do want some fire during this winter, don’t we?). And for those rich among us – visit your nearest Black Market Auction… soon you’ll find some really nice things out there!

Draenor Timewalking Event

Draenor Timewalking Event is here!

Do you remember the mad rhythms of war drums? Maybe you even witnessed the events of the Dark Portal? Have you met the Iron Horde? Yes? No? Ugh?

In any case, now you have a great option to find out what it was like on the alternative Draenor – a giant world that has not yet fallen under the demonic onslaught and has not been turned into the infamous Outland. Powerful shamans, secret magical knowledge, furious orcish fighters, wild gronns, explosions, iron, and blood – all this awaits you in an epic event that is active this week.

Draenor Timewalking Event it the exact thing that will allow you to feel yourself again in the wild and untamed Draenor. Prepare for the fight and don’t forget to take the “Savage Path Through Time” in your adventure journal!

Trained Swarmer new Bee mount

Let’s BEE friends!

Bees … If you traveled through the Stormsong Valley, you probably met a reckless Raimond – a beekeeper from the Mildenhall family. Yes, this strange guy invented a growth formula for bees, and was also able to breathe life into honey!

Besides, such living honey had plans for its life… as well as for everything around it. That’s the spirit! If mad honey drops don’t scare you, and honeymentals are not a problem at all, then your help is needed at the Mildenhall farm (or laboratory). When you finish with the tasks there completely, kill some remaining honey monsters near the basement of the Mildenhall Laboratory.

After receiving the mysterious amulet, you will gain access to the secret quest chain, which ultimately will allow you to acquire the pet and the mount.

War campaign

War is almost ended.

The war is almost over. The Fourth War, as it will be called later, the war that brought terrible losses to the Alliance and Azeroth, while the Horde just blindly followed the Dark Lady. Lead by the traitress and successor of the Arthas ideology, the Horde members committed many crimes against the world and the Alliance.But in the end, everybody will have to answer for everything done, whether they want it or not.

Find out how the War Campaign will end in the 8.2.5 update – and you should know, that the denouement will not suit everyone. Silvana’s loyalists, followers of honor, ordinary soldiers of two factions – all will be confused by the events of these days. Continue your progress in the War Campaign and put an end to this military absurd theater! For Azeroth! For Justice!

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