This weekend hyped WoW content!

Hi everyone! We want to remind you about some in-game aspects and hyped themes.

This weekend hyped WoW content! 1

Prepare for the CLASSIC adventure!

July is almost done, and August is crawling softly into our calendar. And do you know what that means? Yes, you’re right – it means that World of Warcraft Classic is going to be live soon!

Have you explored that beautiful, giant world? Have you ever been in Molten Core in its full power and glory? How about a legendary calming Ashenvale? Scary Duskwood with its mysteries? Withering dunes of Tanaris? There is a whole new classic-like experience awaiting you. Will you heed its call? Destiny awaits you.

Visit our Classic World of Warcraft page to be prepared well, and remember: a good Vanilla makes even a rainy day better!

This weekend hyped WoW content! 2

Keep DPS-ing and nobody explodes!

You have already visited Mechagon Island, haven’t you? You met lots of interesting and positive guys and girls, found many hi-tech inventions and bizarre machinery. And of course, you have met Prince Erazmin – King Mechagon’s son, who is now leading a local resistance against his own father. Erazmin hardly escaped the king’s fortress, but he remembered his dreadful plans quite well.

Have you helped him to topple his tyrannical father? Not yet? You’re busy at the moment? Can’t find the appropriate group? Your item level is too low? Don’t worry – we have a wonderful solution for all those aspects.

This weekend hyped WoW content! 3

The essences of Azeroth are… ESSENTIAL!

Heart of Azeroth. A mighty and unique artifact, that must help Azeroth herself to survive. After the Legion events, when you have defeated the Lord of the Burning Legion – Sargeras, there is a huge wound on the planet’s body. You were gathering as much Azerite as you could, and continue doing so even now. But do you want to truly enhance your Heart of Azeroth and save everybody, including the planet you are standing on? We think you do.

Begin your search for Essences – hidden and rare elements, that will improve your overall might and give additional abilities to your Heart of Azeroth. You can choose among the best Essences out there here!

This weekend hyped WoW content! 4

Arena skirmishes – time to CRUSH SOME RIBS!

Prepare your blades and your best tactics, because you’re called to the Arena. It’s Skirmishes time! During this week you can open the Group Finder and select the PvP tab on the bottom of the window – then choose Arena Skirmish under Casual, and JOIN THE BATTLE. You’ll get some random teammates alongside with enemies to dominate in the Arena.

Oh, and don’t forget to start a Skirmish quest from within your Adventure Journal. You need to win at least 10 Arena PvP Skirmishes to get some nice PvP loot. And there is a +50% honor gains buff for Skirmishes as well. If you wanted to make some Arena mess, then it’s just the time. And if you like Arena in general, you can choose something special in our PvP section.

This weekend hyped WoW content! 5

Your Destiny awaits!

You can become the Guardian – the defender of the last city of the Earth. You’ll be taught how to control the “Light” – your inner power intended to protect Humanity from different aggressive alien races. Soon Kabal forces, led by their warlord Dominus Goul will come, Guardian. Be ready to fight back!

Visit our Destiny 2 page and defend The Last Safe City!

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