Nerub`ar Palace Boost

Experience the thrill of conquering the 11.0 raid, Nerub’ar Palace in the World of Warcraft expansion The War Within. Our team at Boostcarry is eager to assist you in obtaining the gear through our Nerub’ar Palace Raid Boost services!

Awakening the Dragonflight Raids
Awakening the Dragonflight Raids
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Nerub`ar Palace Heroic Carry
Nerub`ar Palace Heroic Carry
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Nerub`ar Palace Normal Carry
Nerub`ar Palace Normal Carry
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Join the fight for the fate of Azeroth at the Nerub’ar Palace Raid Carry. Team up with players to take on The War Withins raid and thwart Ansurek and her plans alongside the Nerubian army.


  • Experience guaranteed loot options
  • Achievement completions 
  • Chance to obtain the Nerub’ar Palace mount
  • Appearances
  • High level loot from the Weekly Vault 
  • Various rewards

Participate in Nerub’ar Palace Boosting Services to secure weapons, trinkets, mounts and other exceptional treasures. Dive into the details to explore the advantages of this boost.


The Nerub’ar Palace forms part of World of Warcrafts expansion The War Within located in Azj Kahet. This raid tasks players with infiltrating a fortress locked in battle against Queen Ansurek and her augmented army formed through a pact with Xal’atath.

Your mission is vital; prevent Ansurek from unleashing the Black Blood of the Old Gods and safeguard Azeroth from peril.

Challenge yourself against 8 bosses culminating in a showdown, against Ansurek herself. Upgrade your character with high level gear acquired during your journey.

Our services, at Nerub’ar Palace aim to make raid completion smoother by offering the following benefits:

  • Raid runs available on any difficulty level
  • Loot options for guaranteed loot collection
  • Targeted boss defeats to tackle challenges
  • Attaining top tier gear and cosmetic items by defeating the final boss
  • Exclusive mount obtainable from Mythic Ansurek

During our Nerub’ar Palace raid boost you can expect:

  • A rewarding journey with a variety of valuable rewards
  • Class tier sets to enhance your characters abilities
  • Achievement unlocks, including prestigious Feats of Strength like Ahead of the Curve and
  • Cutting Edge on Heroic and Mythic difficulties
  • Earn Glory of the Nerub’ar Palace Raider achievement for a special reward

The loot items at Nerub’ar Palace are assigned item levels but it remains uncertain what high level rewards may be available in The War Within. By choosing our Nerub’ar Palace raid boost service you have the chance to acquire top tier gear for yourself.

In the loot that drops from bosses, at Nerub’ar Palace you can find items with higher levels continuing a trend from previous expansions. These items usually have effects. Are popular among players who go on loot runs. When raiding at Nerub’ar Palace anticipate discovering items with a 6-7 point boost, in item level compared to boss drops.